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Mr. M. Ashiq Mughal (Late)


Founded by Mr. M. Ashiq Mughal, our company is a testament to their unwavering passion for excellence and innovation in the concrete industry. With a visionary approach, Mr. M. Ashiq Mughal has been the driving force behind our commitment to quality, continuous research and development, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Their dedication to delivering the best to our customers has shaped our business values and set us on a path to redefine industry standards. Mr. M. Ashiq Mughal’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership continue to inspire us as we work towards our mission of empowering customers across Pakistan


Our vision is to empower customers all over Pakistan with easy, online access to our high-quality concrete articles, tile bond, and sanitary products. We are committed to continuous research, innovation, and the adoption of new technologies, ensuring that customers have access to accurate product information and a seamless ordering experience, driven by our unwavering dedication to quality. As part of our commitment to customer convenience, we aspire to expand our presence by opening outlets in all major cities of Pakistan.


Our mission is to revolutionize the construction and sanitary industry in Pakistan by delivering uncompromising quality, innovative solutions, and seamless accessibility to our customers. We strive to provide a diverse range of high-quality concrete articles, tile bond, and sanitary products, all while ensuring transparency, convenience, and affordability. Through our dedication to excellence, continuous research, and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we aim to set new standards and be a trusted partner in the success of our customers across the nation.

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